Oasis Poker Pro

This program is a powerfull tool for professional play poker against casino.



User manual.

Download User Manual (rtf)...

Free Demo version

Analysis in demo is available only for standard rules: one or two boxes, draw 1 card for one ante, standard payout table.

Download Oasis-Poker Pro Demo...


It is possible to buy Limited version first and then upgrade it to full version.

Limited versions

All limitation is designed in order to cover the selected game in all possible variations. The most common examples:

Russian Poker

Super Poker (Poker 123)

Poker 125

Evaluation of game

If you are intrested in my software, but not sure if you have profitabe game at your place, send me the rules, and I tell you how good is your game.

Please, describe your game in detail. The best way is the following:

  1. Fill your rules in "Game rules" dialog.
  2. Play a little to make sure that you set rules exactly the same that you have in you casino.
  3. Save game rules in file or make screen copy of rules window and send this file to me.

Payment options

Program protection and delivery

Program is protected by USB-key Sentinel HL. Every customer receive his personal key. Then all upgrades are available at our site.

Program can be installed on any number of computers. But it will work only on the comp where the key is plugged in at this moment. Internet connection is not demanded.

The key is delivered to the customer by DHL or EMS Russian Post in 4-7 days.

Keys available in Standard and Micro versions:
USB-key Sentinel HL Pro. USB-key Sentinel HL Max Micro.