Russian poker. Expectaion and Dispersion.

All expextations is measured in % ante

Rules (Standard 2004)

Standard 2004

RulesEv., %Disp.Ev1, %Ev2, %
One box.-0.510.8
Two boxes. Parallel.1.2512.00.22.3
Two boxes. Consecutive.1.411.9-0.43.2

2-3 parallel open boxes.

EvN - Expectation (% ante) at one box, when see cards from N boxes

DN1 - Disperison when play one box and see cards from N boxes

DNN - Disperison when play N boxes in a team

Straight+Straight. Insurance 3/42.15.710.511.410.912.7
Straight+Straight. Insurance 1/22.05.4510.411.310.712.4
Straight+Pair. Insurance 3/40.654.2510.111.010.512.3
Straight+Pair. Insurance 1/20.554.0510.010.910.312.0
Straight+Pair. Insurance 1/2 from straight 0.453.810.110.910.312.0
Straight+Pair. Insurance 1/2 from straight. Buy game without repeat 0.13.4510.010.810.211.9
The maximum cropped. Straight+Pair. Insurance 1/2 from straight not safe. Buy game without repeat. Three pairs 3 to 1. Two fulls 10 to 1.

Max payout is 50 to 1.