Downloads for users with software license.

How to install and activate.

Dowload intstallation program - file "oapoker_g_setup_....exe". Run it at your Windows-computer. If Windows or Anti-viris trying to block it, confirm that you are sure, what you are doing. This happens because my software is not widely used. I guarantee, that it is safe. Program will be installed in "C:/Oasis-Poker Pro" folder. Icons "Oasis-Poker Pro" and "License Wizard" will appear at desktop.

Run "License Wizard", click "License Activation", at next screen select "On This", enter your activation key in appeared field, click "Get License". If everything ok, Wizard returns to main screen, information about your license appears in list.

Run "Oasis-Poker Pro". Setup your rules. Good luck.

How to upgrade license.

Press "Tree points" to the right of license code at the main screen of "License Wizard". Select "Check Updates" in appeared menu. New info will appear in list.

Moving licence to other computer.

At main screen of "License Wizard", press "..." near the license code. Select "”÷ve to Another Computer", notice where rehost file is saved.

At new computer run "License Wizard", press "License Activation". At next screen select "On This" and "License file or rehost file", press "Select File", select your rehost file, which you bring from old computer. If all happens ok, program will returnsense to the first screen, license info will appear in list.