Tree Card Casino Poker. Expectation at 7 boxes.


Place ante.

Receive three cards. Must place Bet 1 ante or fold.

See dealer cards. Dealer qualifies from Q.

If dealer not qualifies, player wins ante.

If dealer qualifies and player has better combination, player wins ante + bet.

In any case player receive bonus accoring to table 0-0-0-1-4-5 (Nothing-Pair-Flush-Straight-Trips-Str.Flush).

Expectaion, % ante

GameExpectaionDispersion 1Dispersion N
One box-3.35%2.70
7 boxes-2.40%2.786.50

All expextations is measured in % ante

Dispersion 1 - play one box and see card from other boxes

Dispersion N - play all boxes at once


One box: Bet Q64.

7 boxes: Complicated.

If your have better rules, we may analyze it.